Painting are both an inspiration as well as reflection for Mr. Tazran Tanmizi. He expresses himself through his art. Though a businessman, Tazran is an optimist person. He always looks at the better side of the coin. He is a very creative person and enjoys life. For him, there is meaning in every activity and Tazran discerns it instantly. After pondering the best way to convey, he picks his brush to translate the picture and thoughts in his mind.

Unlike a commercial painter, he takes the liberty to experiment and does not shy away from it. His excitement to learn things and his desire to explore are the main reasons for variety in his works. This non-commercial approach allows him to use the technique, which he thinks will most appropriately convey his thoughts.

Besides, Tazran is a trained Industrial Designer from Pasadena Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, California, USA and has considerable knowledge of photography and Sculpturing. This wide spectrum of knowledge about lights, colors, textures, materials, substances makes his painting lively.

He spent 3 years as an Industrial designer in Singapore before becoming a businessman.

Over the years, Tazran has painted in different mediums, tools and techniques Such as water color, acrylic, marker, chalk, air brush and of course oil paint.

Today Tazran has never exclusively exhibited his art works commercially except at charity functions.

Tazran was born on 18 June 1958 in Selat Panjang, Riau, Indonesia. He has been educated in Jakarta, Singapore and Los Angeles. He is married and has two daughters and a son. 
Today he is exhibiting his work at  600 m2 studio gallery situated at the ground floor of Wisma IWI, Jalan Arjuna Selatan 75 Jakarta Indonesia 


Los Angeles Studio 1979

Romania 1991 

Solo exhibition in Jakarta 2002 by Morgan Stanley, Indonesia Tatler, Christie, Gallery 678, Ciputra & James Riady

100% of the proceed was donated  to charity and it was recorded by MURI as the first time in the country.

Under Privilege Kids

Teaching and supporting under privilege children every Sunday, providing needs to develop their talent