Jul 23, 2008

Yin ChaoYang at YDY Museum Jakarta Indonesia

 Yin Chaoyang

1970 Born in An Yang,He Nan Province

1996 Graduated from Print department of Centural Fin Art Institute,now live in Beijing,as a professional painter.

1999  “sharp discernment ”(Beijing International Artistic Center)。
2001  The first Chengdu annual exhibition which was held once in two years (Chengdu Modern gallery);
“mythology”(Beijing Art museum)。
2002  “Youthful Cruel prints”(Shanghai Dong Daming artistic creative studio);
“exposure/anti-transition/Asia discussion”(Seoul Kuanxun gallery,Kprea)。
2003 ,the power of personality, new concept artistic roving exhibition(Beijing、Shanghai、Wuhan、Guangzhou.


Big art work 4 m x 8 m


Yi Chao Yang with Mr. Ciputra  property developer and art collector.

Rina Ciputra and her hand bag 

Yin ChaoYang & Tazran