Painting of Lee Kuan Yue at Singapore 50th Anniversary exhibitionn
The Singapore 50th anniversary Exhibition Opening on 12 August 2015more
The 1st edition 2010 of TRAVELER & GOURMET
Tazarn Photography Featuring in the first issue of Tattler  Travel...more
Charity Auction on TV1 for Quake victims in Padang, Indonesia
The komodo island Photo on canvas size 150cm X 100 cm was auction for $20,000 USD Komodo Island 150 cm x 100 cm Print on canvasmore
Michael Yamashita from National Geographic in Bali
 Michael Yamashita Tazran, Tedy, George, Rocky, Henky  and Michael  ...more
Yin ChaoYang at YDY Museum Jakarta Indonesia
 Yin Chaoyang1970 Born in An Yang,He Nan Province 1996 Graduated from Print department of Centural Fin Art Instit...more
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